Spirit of Equinox

Forest Bee Oil Burner


The perfect home scenting accessory for making any home smell absolutely enchanting, this mystical black oil burner features a captivating forest bee and crescent moon design.

For use with wax melts, fragrance or essential oil (add water to the well first) or simmering granules.

Height: 10cm
Diameter - 9cm

This burner comes boxed and includes a free 4-hour tea light.

How To Use
with fragrance oils
Simply fill the top of your burner with water and add some of your favourite fragrant oil. Then light a tea light underneath and away you go.

with essential oils
Fill the top of your burner with water and add a few drops of essential oil, then warm from beneath with a tea light.

with simmering granules
Simply add 1 or 2 teaspoons to the top of your burner - no oil or water is needed, then light the tea light underneath. When they have eventually lost their fragrance, the granules can be conveniently thrown away and replaced with fresh ones.

with wax melts
Simply place a fragranced wax tablet or tart into the well of your burner and light the tea light underneath.

Safety Tips
- Keep out of reach of children & pets
- Always use in a well-ventilated area
- Never leave burning candles unattended

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