Green Aventurine Angel 35mm


This small hand-carved green aventurine angel measures approximately 3.5cm in height, making it perfect to carry with you whenever you need.

Green Aventurine is a stone for development and has a fresh energy that can be useful for washing the aura at times of mental or emotional stress. It can help with decision making as it connects to the heart and to the idea that it does not matter which road we take because it will always be the right one. It encourages our pioneering spirit.

Green Aventurine is a good all round healing stone, helping to calm the nerves, and is also useful in relieving migraines and soothing the eyes. It is believed to attract wealth to the wearer.

The angel shape is a symbol of love and protection and is a comforting gift for anyone coping with grief or loss, or simply as a reminder that wherever you go there is always a guardian angel watching over you.

Height: Approx. 3.5cm

Due to the natural formation of green aventurine, each carved angel will vary slightly in colour, ranging from pale to dark green.

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