Orange Beeswax Spell Candle


Orange symbolises the stimulation of mental and physical energy, brain clearing and happiness.

If you need some motivation and drive to complete certain tasks, the ritual burning of an orange candle can be useful. It encourages creativity, together with the courage to speak one's mind, boosting self-confidence.

It also helps in career matters, or matters of Law. Orange is a solar colour, with all the warmth and feelings of well being generated by our life-giving Sun.

Our beeswax candles are hand rolled using high quality dyed beeswax. They are approximately 4" in length and are ideal for use on an altar or as a wish/spell candle.

How to use:
- secure the candle in a suitable holder
- light the wick
- make your wish or follow a spell

N.B. due to the nature of beeswax the shade of colour may vary from peachy orange to dark rust. See pictures for colour variation.

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