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The Modern Witchcraft Guide To Crystal Magick


by Judy Ann Nock

Part of the Modern Witchcraft series of books.

Your Complete Guide to the Power of Crystals.

"Tap into the power of crystals!

Modern witches know that crystals carry the energy of the earth. Witches harness the power of crystals in their spellwork and rituals, wielding them to bring luck, beauty, and more.

In The Modern Witchcraft Book of Crystal Magick, you will explore the power of crystals in spellcraft and beyond. Discover how to curate your collection and work with crystals to meet your magickal needs. From understanding the history and tradition of crystal magick to a library of the fifty-five crystals you need to know, this guide will help you transform your magickal traditions and unlock the timeless beauty, power, and wisdom of the terrestrial plane.

Whether you’ve only just begun your initiation or you're a seasoned witch, The Modern Witchcraft Book of Crystal Magick will strengthen your natural talents and deepen your connection to the energies of the earth.

254 pages, hardback.

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