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The Beginner's Guide to Wicca


by Kirsten Riddle

The Beginner's Guide to Wicca is the perfect companion for anyone new to the ancient practice of magic. Here, the solitary witch is provided with a friendly, straightforward introduction to witchcraft, filled with tips on how to incorporate the Wiccan way into daily life.

In this Beginner's Guide to Wicca, Kirsten begins with an accessible overview of Wicca. She dispels common misconceptions, explains the peaceful ethos of this nature-based spiritual practice, and provides a quick and easy quiz that allows you to discover your Wiccan strengths. Chapters cover topics such as herbal, moon and kitchen magic, and include simple spells and rituals using everyday objects and household items. Kirsten's easy-to-follow, modern spells can be used to boost your creativity, improve your health and revive your love life. With The Beginner's Guide to Wicca you will discover how to tap into the energy of the natural world and take your first steps on the Wiccan path.


144 pages, hardback.

About the Author
Kirsten Riddle is a columnist for 'Soul & Spirit and Chat: It's Fate'. She also writes regularly for Spirit and Destiny. She is a creative practitioner and storyteller with a particular interest in folklore, and looking at ancient practices and bringing them up to date. Based in Nottingham, she hosts sessions and workshops looking at mind magic, tarot and stories as self-development tools.

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