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Product Code: CHK-BLT001

Chakra coloured 8mm beads
for healing

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Our physical well-being is affected by the energy flow within our bodies.  During daily life our energy centres (Chakras) can become blocked, resulting in physical and emotional illness.  The gemstone beads incorporated in this Chakra Bracelet represent the crystal colours for stimulating, re-balancing, and re-energising your Chakra centres:

1st - Root - base of spine - reproductive organs - RED - Red Jasper
2nd - Spleen - below navel - emotion, adrenals - ORANGE - Carnelian
3rd - Solar Plexus - diaphragm - energy/pancreas - YELLOW - Aragonite​​​​/Citrine
​​​4th - Heart - heart/thymus - love/thymus gland - GREEN - Aventurine
5th - Thyroid - throat - communication - BLUE - Blue Lace Agate
6th - Brow - third eye - spiritual intuition - INDIGO - Sodalite/Blue Onyx/Dumortierite
​​​​​​​7th - Crown - top of head - spiritual opening - VIOLET - Amethyst/Fluorite


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