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Cauldron Ceramic Oil Burner


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Product Code: BUR-SDWCAL

H10cm X W12.5cm X D12.5cm
includes free tealight

Stock Status: In Stock
Product CodeBUR-SDWCAL

Ceramic Cauldron Oil Burner in Black.
Size approx: H10cm X W12.5cm X D12.5cm
Includes free tea light.

This cauldron burner is perfect for all your home fragrance witchcraft and wizardry. For use with simmering granules, fragrance or essential oil(add water to the well first) or scented wax tarts.

With Fragrant Oil:
Simply fill the top of your burner with water and add some of your favourite fragrant oil. Then light a tealight underneath and away you go.

With Essential Oil:
Fill the top of your burner with water and add a few drops of essential oil, then warm from beneath with a tea light. Remember, with pure natural oils, less is generally more. For instance, Lavender would be the oil for warding off headaches and inducing sleep, but too much Lavender may have the opposite effect. Also, with pungent oils such as Eucalyptus, 2 or 3 drops may be sufficient. Vapour therapy, used sensibly, can be an invaluable tool for promoting health and well being in your home environment.

With Simmering Granules:
Simmering granules offer a clean, safe alternative to oils. Simply add 1 or 2 teaspoons to the top of your burner - no oil or water is needed, then light the tea light underneath. When they have eventually lost their fragrance, the granules can be conveniently thrown away and replaced with fresh ones.

With Scented Wax:
Simply place a fragranced wax tablet or tart into the well of your burner and light the tealight underneath.

Tip: if you have any left over pieces of fragrant candle, or candles where the wick has become damaged and unusable, you can always break up the wax and use it in your burner

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