Candleberry Candles

Candleberry has created a range of scented candles like no other. They use new fragrance technology which makes their wax powerfully scented, and with a fragrance throw of up to 1,000 square feet! Scented candle jars by Candleberry are available in two different sizes:
  • Medium 10oz Jars - Burn time approx. 50-60 hours
  • Large 26oz Jars - Burn time approx. 140 - 160 hours
Also in the Candleberry fragrance range are scented wax melts in two different styles:
  • Power Pods: Total burn time of approx. 36 hours (6 hours per piece)
  • Scented Wax Cakes: Total burn time of approx. 30 hours (6 hours per piece)