Smudging In The New Year With White Sage

Using a smudge stick to clear negative energy is a fantastic way to start the new year. It’s a time when people reflect on their achievements in the previous year, and look forward to making positive changes and welcoming the fresh start that a new one brings. Many of us wish for health, happiness and success, and smudging with white sage is the perfect way to clear out negative energies from the home to prepare us for any new challenges that lie ahead.

What is Smudging?

Smudging is an ancient Native American technique used for energy cleansing and healing. The smudging ceremony removes the build-up of negative energies whilst allowing the flow of positive energy into your home. The ceremony uses a ‘smudge stick’ which is basically a bundle of dried herbs bound tightly together. A number of different herbs can be used but due to its purifying and protective properties, white sage is often used to cleanse objects, homes and even people.

How To Smudge Your House

  1. Light your white sage stick and gently move it around until it starts to smoulder (tip: hold it over a fireproof container to catch any falling herbs).
  2. Starting at the back, work your way through your house with the smoking stick and fan the sage smoke around each room.
  3. Pay close to attention to corners and any other areas where negative energy may have collected.
  4. When your rooms have been cleansed, stand by the entrance door (leaving it open) and smudge around the door and frame to allow negative energy to leave.
  5. Return to the place you began your smudging and extinguish the stick by placing it in some sand in a fireproof container.


A new year is the ideal time to smudge your home and cleanse your living space of any negativity that has collected, but you can also carry out this smudging ceremony regularly throughout the year to keep your space cleansed and purified.

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