Introducing Soy Wax Crumbles

As you probably know, we’re huge fragrance fans here at Clouds, and when we get the opportunity to stock a new product, quite often, we go for it! We recently discovered a new fantastic wax brand and because the fragrances were so good when we used them at home, you’ll be seeing them on our shelves very soon!

So what is this exciting new thing you must be wondering? Well, we’re delighted to let you know that after being impressed with their burn quality, we’re adding a new range of wax melts to our ever growing home fragrance collection. They’re called Soy Wax Crumbles, and they are little packets of colourful, beautifully scented crumbled wax. Because they are 100% soy, they’re also completely vegan friendly. Each packet will give you up to 30 hours of long lasting fragrance and their scents are completely hand crafted using a secret process that ensures the best scent throw possible is achieved.

You’ve probably tried wax melts before but with these new soy wax crumbles, you have complete control over how little or how much you use, which allows you to reach the level of fragrance strength that’s just right for you. Whether you like to smell your scented wax all around your house or prefer a more subtle approach, for a limited time (our introductory offer), our new wax crumble packets include a wooden scoop that dishes out as much as you like! You can use the scented crumbled wax in oil burners or electric wax warmers and the range of flavours available makes sure that all tastes are covered. It’s recommended to use 3 scoops of fragrance each time, but the choice is entirely yours.


We’re starting with 10 new fragrances which are shown below, so have a look to see which one you would like to experience:

Fabric SprinklesIf you love the smell of clean washing, this is the fragrance for you! A similar scent to the washing beads you throw into your washing machine, it’s an aroma that cleanses the air around you.

Jam Doughnut (UK exclusive)
Available exclusively in the UK, a combination of sugar and sticky strawberry jam reminds you of the classic British sweet treat!

Summer MojitoA sparkling combination of lime, sweet sugar and a hint of mint… a fragrance to energise and refresh your spirits!

Sex on the BeachA blend of sand, summer and citrus! Fresh beach breezes of mango, pineapple and orange zest transport you to sunny shores and bring this aroma to life!

Pink Bubblegum Huge sweet and juicy bubbles created from sticky pink gum… the smell of childhood chewing!

Bedtime GoddessA blend of soothing mandarin, lavender, chamomile, neroli and lily of the valley mix with light notes of hay and musk. The perfect fragrance to help you relax, unwind and melt away the stresses of the day.

PeakA crisp, fresh fragrance including notes of frost and mountain pine. Dream of log cabins and the crunch of winter foliage under your feet. With this scent… you’ve reached the peak!

Shark AttackSweet layers of fragrance make up this amazing blend. Ripe raspberries, strawberries, sweet cotton candy, bubblegum, juicy apples, blueberries and pears mix with lemon drops and Madagascar vanilla to create a truly unique scent!

Cola Cubes (UK exclusive)A favourite retro childhood treat… the scent of fizzy cola cubes we all know and love!

Bahama DreamsA combination of sweet pink amber and orchid conjures up the breeze of palm trees and fresh salty ocean.

You can buy these scented wax crumbles via our website, or alternatively, you can visit our gift shop,  based in Walkden, Manchester to see our new fantastic range on display.

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